How Much Wine Can You Take to Bali?

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Bringing Wine Into Bali

Heading to Bali on holiday, but pale when you think of the wine prices? On an island where things are incredibly cheap, wine is ridiculously expensive. A glass of mid-range wine will cost you twice as much (or more) than a local beer like Bintang. And if you have a palate for imported wines, you might want to increase your credit card limit!

There are several reasons why the ‘Nectar of the Gods’ is so costly, ranging from steep import taxes and tariffs levied by the Indonesian government to the cost of shipping wines to Bali from around the world. Luxury resorts, posh hotels, Bali wine-bars and fancy restaurants also play a role in the mind-boggling price of wine. The demand for prestigious labels and premium vintages by patrons of these five-star establishments wanting quality and exclusivity drives the price of wine up.  

So, what’s the alternative? Take your own wine to Bali!

How Much Wine Can You Bring to Bali?

When it comes to taking wine into Bali, you are legally allowed to take in 2.25 liters of alcohol into the country, as regulated under Minister of Trade regulation 20/2021 on Import Policy and Regulations. This amounts to three bottles of wine. If you exceed this amount and are caught at the airport, you’ll have to pay a fine of $15 to $70 US dollars per bottle, and customs officials have the right to take the excess alcohol away.

While three bottles of wine may not seem much for an entire holiday, at least you’ll have a few bottles of your favorite wine for special occasions.

Next step – getting your wine to Bali in one piece!  

How to Pack Wine for Traveling

Due to the limited amount of liquid allowed in your hand luggage, you’ll have to transport your wine in your checked-in baggage. The last thing you want is your precious bottles of wine to break while in transit and ruin your entire vacation wardrobe.

There are a couple of ways to wrap and secure your wine in your luggage that will (hopefully) get them there safely.

  • Ensure all the wine bottles are securely sealed to prevent leaks during the journey. Check the cork or screw cap to ensure it is tightly sealed. Wrap a piece of plastic over the opening before sealing the bottle.
  • Put your wine in specialized wine bottle travel bags or wine bottle protectors designed for air travel. These bags are padded and provide extra protection against breakage and leaks. You can use bubble wrap or foam sleeves specifically designed for wine bottles. If you don’t want to spend money on special wine bags, place your bottles in two zip-lock bags. They are super cheap and work like a charm!
  • Make sure the bottles are separately wrapped to avoid bumping and possible breakage.
  • Place the bottles in the center of your suitcase or travel bag. Surround them with soft clothing such as socks or t-shirts to provide extra cushioning and prevent them from shifting during transit.
  • Cushion the bottom and top of your suitcase with your bulkiest clothing to add even more protection for the bottles.
  • Place a “Fragile” sticker or label on the outside of your luggage to alert baggage handlers to handle your bag with care.

These tips for packing your wine should help you get it safely to your destination without worrying about breakage or leaks.

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